Vinita Phartyal describes her 6-year-old son Akshat as a happy boy who loves going to the beach, the park and riding his Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle.

“He’s a social butterfly, he loves meeting people,” Vinita said. “He’s always happy and smiling, at school, at home, everywhere.”

Akshat has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a form of cerebral palsy that affects all of his limbs with mixed tones.

“He’s not able to walk or sit on his own, I need to be behind him on the floor,” said Vinita.

Akshat first tried a Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle on a one-week trial last summer from a government organization.

“The first time I saw him riding I was about to cry,” said Vinita. “We’ve never seen him do anything independently.”

Vinita started searching for a bike but then received a call from the team at Motion who wanted to help get Akshat a bike. Vinita was connected with a family who had purchased a Freedom Concepts tricycle and wanted to donate it to Akshat.

Vinita said that Akshat was very excited when he received his DCP 16 in January, and couldn’t wait for summer to arrive so he could go for bike rides. Before they had the bike, Akshat would ride in a stroller while his brother rode a bike, and Vinita said Akshat would get upset.

“He can’t talk, but whenever he used to see a kid riding a bike he would show he was upset with his eyes,” Vinita said. “Now every day he wants to go on a ride with his brother.”

Vinita is happy both of her sons can now participate in their evening walks.

“I can walk with them during our evening walks,” said Vinita. “Both of them are on their bikes and I’m walking with them. I feel so happy.”

Vinita feels the adaptive bike helps with Akshat’s legs and their spasticity.

“I feel like his legs are tired and kind of looser, and that kind of spasticity is not there,” said Vinita.

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