As 2021 comes to an end, we want to look back on some special bikes we built, milestones we hit, and stories we told.

We look forward to continuing to create a Cycle of Mobility in 2022!


Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Association Bikes with Help Hope Live

Throughout 2021, our friends at Help Hope Live teamed up with the Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Association to raise funds for several custom Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Association bikes!

Sammy’s Freedom

In January we spoke with Alia, whose son Sammy has a traumatic brain injury, about the impact Sammy’s DCP 12 adaptive bike has had on their family.

“When you go outside pushing a wheelchair, it doesn’t feel like just going for a walk,” Alia said. “I’m just so grateful for that feeling of ‘This is a normal activity that people do with their kids that doesn’t feel like a task.’”

Click here to read Sammy’s story. 


Scarlett’s Freedom

When we spoke to Scarlett’s mom Keri in February, Scarlett was recovering from a recent surgery and using her DCP 16 to help regain some strength.

“When she went last week for her most recent therapy session, her physical therapist was shocked at how much strength she’s gained,” Scarlett’s mom Keri said. “And honestly all that strength is because she’s on her bike two or three days a week riding a couple of laps around the block. She’s really developed a lot more strength in her legs as a result.”

Click here to read Scarlett’s story. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders Bike

Despite being based in Winnipeg, we put aside our football rivalry to build a special Saskatchewan Roughriders-themed bike for Marcus, a Riders fan.


Cristian’s Freedom

We spoke with Cristian’s mom Julie in March about Cristian’s AS 2000, Kabuki syndrome, and how their family brings their chihuahuas along for bike rides!

Click here to read Cristian’s story.

Sutton’s Chill-Out Chair

Sutton’s mom Sasha shared with us how Sutton’s Roll’er Chill-Out Chair has had a positive impact on their lives.

“The Chill-Out Chair allows her to pull up next to the couch and feel like she’s lounging with the rest of us,” Sasha said. “It gives her another place to be comfortable and have a little stretch but still have enough support.”

Click here to read Sutton’s story. 


Freedom Concepts’ 30th Anniversary

On April 11 Freedom Concepts celebrated a big milestone – Our 30th Anniversary! We reflected on some of our highlights from the last 30 years in a special blog post.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for their support over these last three decades.

Click here to read our 30 Years of Freedom Concepts blog post.


Remi and Nico’s Freedom

In May we spoke to Patrick about how it feels to see his and his wife Tiffany’s daughters Remi and Nico ride a bike, and how it helps them spend more time together as a family.

“As a dad, I used to walk outside in the morning and check the mail and I would see kids that don’t have to battle these types of conditions running around. It would crush me,” Patrick said. “I’d have to get myself together, hit the reset button, and say ‘That’s great for them, we’ve got to find a way to help our kids experience this type of independence.’ So when I see them on that bike, it just overcomes me.”

Click here to read Remi and Nico’s story. 


Custom Bike Spotlight: The Regent Family

We were excited to feature this custom racing tandem we built for Thomas, 18, and Baptiste, 16, from Maringues, France. The Regent brothers dream of completing an Ironman Triathlon together, and this custom racing tandem will help take their racing to the next level.

Click here to read Thomas and Baptiste’s story.


Ayden’s Freedom

In July we spoke to Anita, whose son Ayden has osteogenesis imperfecta type 5, about Ayden’s ASR 16 adaptive bike.

“For children who don’t have the option of riding a bike, it’s a huge, huge step and a huge sense of independence and almost normalcy,” Anita said. “It’s also one of those insanely proud moments because the nature of a bike is you fall off and you learn until you get back up, but that hasn’t been a possibility for him.”

Click here to read Ayden’s story.


Chase’s Freedom

14 -year-old Chase has Lennox-Gastaunt syndrome, which is a severe form of epilepsy, and his Educational Assistant Teresa said Chase’s new ET2611 Tandem has been a great source of physical therapy for him. Teresa was kind enough to write and share this testimonial with us.

Click here to read Chase’s story. 


Ford’s Freedom

September’s blog post featured Effie, whose son Ford has CTNNB1 syndrome. We spoke about how Ford’s DCP 12 has helped the dystonia in his legs and provides him with more independence.

“Something about the freedom and the fun in the bike makes it so he can bend his legs easily,” Effie said. “He gets the pattern going, so his body just starts doing that rather than locking up. He’s never moved his legs like this, ever, and he’s totally getting stronger in his legs.”

Click here to read Ford’s story. 


Regent Family Update

In October we received an update from our friends Thomas and Baptiste in Maringues, France. The brothers spent the summer competing in two triathlons with their custom racing tandem and they are training for at least five more triathlons in 2022.


Matthew’s Chill-Out Chair

We spoke to Michael about how his brother Matthew’s Chill-Out Chair has made such a difference in Matthew’s life that Michael ended up buying a second chair.

“I really feel you have made a great product, I didn’t realize what we were missing until we had this Chill-Out Chair and now his life has improved in dozens of ways we never expected,” Michael said. “This chair is a safe haven for my brother.”

Click here to read Matthew’s story. 


Georgia Power’s Build-a-Bike Program

Throughout the year, Georgia Power has donated funds to go towards adaptive bikes for children in their area. Once the bikes were partially built in our shop, the bikes and remaining parts were shipped to Georgia Power, where a team of volunteers worked together to put the finishing touches on the bikes, guided by our team via a video call. After they were completed and checked over by our local rep, the adaptive bikes were delivered to some kiddos at Wellspring Wellness Center.

Thank you to Georgia Power for their commitment to this initiative throughout the year!