DCP Pivot

Pivot Towards a More Active Lifestyle

The Discovery Pivot is being released into the market after years of feedback, testing and requests from parents, riders, consumers, therapists and other medical professionals. Available in 12” and 16” styles, the Discovery Pivot is by far our most adjustable design. Our new versatile seating system allows for riders to maintain proper hip-to-foot alignment as they grow. Meanwhile, our completely redesigned frame allows riders to safely and comfortably transfer on-and-off the bike. For transportation and storage, we’ve introduced our new pivoting frame, removable rear wheels and detachable seat. The Pivot is fully-customizable to suit any need, preference or style. Read more below for the Pivot’s complete feature listing.

PIVOTING Front Fork!

Folding/Pivoting Front Fork on DCP Pivot

DCP Pivot Features

  • Pivoting/folding frame
  • Cable-actuated Rear Steering™
  • Lowest transfer height on any Freedom Concepts tricycle
  • Fully adjustable tilt and slide seating system
  • Multi-adjustable Rear Steering™ height, handle and brake position
  • Adjustable wheelbase with multiple width settings
  • Independently adjustable handlebars with telescopic posts
  • Ability to lock or unlock the rider’s handlebars
  • Supportive high-back seating system with multiple options to add additional harnesses or head supports
  • Option to add multiple types of footplates to help with heel flexion or plantar flexion
  • Flick-switch parking brake
  • Standard bike essentials such as: safety flag, wheel reflectors, animal squeaky horn, multi-tool and bell