When you hear about the benefits of an adaptive bike, the first ones to come up are often the physical benefits. Motor function, physical strength, coordination and balance can all be improved through adaptive biking. But another benefit, which can sometimes be forgotten, is how adaptive bikes help kids be kids.

Elissa Fioroto has been an occupational therapist for 23 years. She recognizes the physical benefits that adaptive bikes provide, but says for her daughter, Leah, the biggest benefits come in the form of inclusion.

“I definitely think the bike is helping with her physical ability, but she absolutely loves riding it. Adaptive bikes give kids such a sense of freedom. She can actually ride this bike like other kids can, and its one of those activities that all kids do,” said Elissa.

The family got their Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem through the Make a Wish Foundation in New Jersey when Leah was 10 years old.

“We were able to test ride the bicycle at the Abilities Expo in Edison, and Leah didn’t want to get off the bike,” said Elissa. “The guys at the show recommended I apply for funding through the Make a Wish Foundation, and six months later the bike was getting delivered to our door.”

Leah has low muscle tone and issues with motor coordination, and Elissa noted that one of the reasons they chose to go with the Freedom Concepts tandem was because of the toe pulley system available to keep Leah’s feet from dropping. They also liked the fact that Leah would be on the bike right in front of them where they could see her and make sure she was safe.

Freedom Concepts custom builds adaptive bikes and Chill-Out Chairs specifically for each person who receives them. To learn more about adaptive bikes, click here. To learn more about Chill-Out Chairs, click here.

Leah On Her Tandem Bicycle