23-year-old Tommy Benedit has Angelman Syndrome, but he doesn’t let that stop him from getting out and being active. In fact, he goes for bike rides with his family on his Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem Bicycle quite often.

“He absolutely loves riding the bike,” said Kelly Benedit, Tommy’s mother. “When he’s on the bike, he’s always having fun.”

The Benedits first heard about Freedom Concepts through the Great Bike Giveaway. And after seeing the ET2611 Tandem bike, they knew it would be perfect for Tommy. Unfortunately, they were not able to get a bike through the giveaway.

Tommy’s father, Felipe Benedit, works in law enforcement and is part of a law enforcement fundraising group on Facebook. After the group found out about Tommy, they were able to raise enough money for not just one bike, but two bikes, with the second bike going to a family in New York.

Tommy's Father, Felipe, Helping Tommy Put His Helmet On

Tommy can walk, but he has trouble with other outdoor activities such as hiking because he can trip very easily and sometimes tries to run away. Biking is an outdoor activity that Tommy can do while enjoying himself and spending time with his family.

“Tommy has never really been able to ride any other bikes,” said Kelly. “But with the Freedom Concepts bike, he can ride it because we’re able to strap his feet in.”

The family strongly believes that Tommy has gotten a lot stronger since he started biking.

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Tommy and Kelly on the ET2611 Tandem Bicycle
The ET2611 Tandem Bicycle Arriving at Tommy's House