All Ages, All Riders, All Abilities 

Freedom Concepts’ adaptive tricycles can be customized and adjusted to the exact specifications and unique requirements of the rider. From upright tricycles and semi-recumbents to tandems and handcycles, Freedom Concepts offers a line of adaptive tricycles to meet almost every need. Each model can be customized with special seating, footplates or headrests that make riding safe, comfortable and most importantly, accessible. Each model is fully adjustable, making it even easier to tailor-fit each rider’s unique requirements. Find your FREEDOM!    

Upright Adaptive Tricycles | Young Children to Teen Riders

The Discovery Series is our line of pediatric upright adaptive tricycles designed to introduce children and early teens to biking. These adaptive tricycles can help users gain independence while improving their mobility.  


Upright Adaptive Tricycles | Teen to Adult Riders

The Adventurer Series is our line of upright adaptive tricycles designed for our teen and adult riders. This series provides plenty of room for growth, so riders can enjoy the freedom of mobility for many years.   


Semi-Recumbent Adaptive Tricycles | Teen to Adult Riders

The Odyssey Series is a semi-recumbent adaptive tricycle and is better suited for riders with stronger lower body abilities. This series works for most riders considered GMFCS levels 1-3 and features an adjustable seating system and low step-over height allowing for easier transfers. 

Tandem Tricycle | Children to Adult Riders

The Excursion Series includes our adaptive tandem tricycle that is built for two. It allows a parent or friend to control and propel the bike from the back position, while the front rider, regardless of ability, can still enjoy all the benefits of cycling.  


Handcycles | Young Children to Adult Riders

The Expedition Series is our line of upright, semi-recumbent and recumbent handcycles. This series offers models for riders 4 years old and up and for a variety of needs including therapeutic, recreational or something a little more competitive. 

All Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycles are designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun and freedom! Our tricycles can be tailored to the individual needs of each rider with our wide range of adaptive tricycle accessories. 

All Riders, All Abilities, All Ages – Our team is passionate about finding solutions that work for everyone. If you have a concept, our team will do their best to design a custom solution to accommodate your needs.  


Seating & Positioning

Seating and Positioning Dedicated to Your Comfort, Support and Style

Freedom Concepts’ line of Chill-Out Chairs alternative seating and Posture2Go Positioning Cushions can help improve the user’s positioning, providing the benefit of reduced transfers throughout the day and a comfortable seating experience. Offered in a rolling or rocking model, Chill-Out Chairs can be further customized with a variety of fabric styles and accessories to create a comfortable and supportive seating option for the user. For even more comfort and support, our Posture2Go Positioning Cushions provide targeted positioning care with a variety of cushion shapes to best meet the needs of the user.  

The Rock’er model is known for its adjustable tilt and calming rocking motion and is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. This chair provides an alternative to a wheelchair and has the ability to lock in a fixed tilt position best suited for the user. 


The Roll’er model is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. This chair provides an alternative seating system to a wheelchair and the rolling wheelbase can reduce the number of transfers required throughout the day – perfect for home, school or therapy settings. 


Posture2Go Positioning Cushions provide targeted positioning care for users as young as 2 years old who have specific positioning needs. The positioning cushions help ensure users are comfortable and can aid in repositioning at home or on-the-go. With great versatility between the seven unique cushion shapes available, Posture2Go Positioning Cushions can be used in many different ways to best meet the needs of the user.  

Dedicated to Your Comfort, Support and Style – We offer a variety of accessories to customize each Chill-Out Chair to ensure the user is optimally positioned and comfortable.  


Our team is passionate about finding seating solutions that work for everyone. If our current Chill-Out Chair models and accessories don’t meet your needs, we will be happy to work with you to build a solution that will.   


Therapy Time Meets Play Time

Get moving with Freedom Concepts’ line of early intervention products including the Freedom Climber and the Snugglesaurus. These products can help younger children reach developmental milestones while allowing children to explore their imagination, increase balance, improve gross motor programming, improve postural positioning, sensory enhancement and more. These products make great additions to environments such as childcare facilities, therapy clinics and schools.  

The Freedom Climber is an early intervention A-frame device designed to exercise a child’s balance by focusing on upper body strength, coordination and motor planning skills. It’s great for facilities and home-based therapists. 

Made for playtime and therapy, the Snugglesaurus is an early intervention tool for children ages 6 and under. It helps children reach developmental milestones all while promoting sensory enhancement and increased balance – making it an ideal therapeutic tool for early childhood centers and therapists.