Handcycle Expedition Series

The Expedition Series is our line of upright, semi-recumbent and recumbent handcycles for riders 4 years old and up. The EHDU12, EHDU16, EHDU20, Defier and STRAE Sport Handcycles allow riders with diagnoses such as spina bifida, spinal cord injuries and neurological diseases to experience the enjoyment of riding a trike. The Expedition Series is available with optional foot propulsion and an adjustable steering column to perfectly align with the individual’s arm length, ensuring each tricycle meets the rider’s specific needs. It allows riders to experience the joy of riding a bike, whether it’s for therapy, recreation or something a little more on the competitive side.  

EDHU12 Handcycle

EHDU12  Handcycle

With the EHDU12, riders 4 to 8 years old will be introduced to all the fun handcycling provides while reaping its therapeutic benefits. This upright handcycle features an adjustable steering column which provides a safe and comfortable riding experience for the rider.  

EDHU16 Handcycle

EHDU16 Handcycle

The EHDU16 is an upright handcycle that will grow with most riders from the age of 7 to 14 years old for many years thanks to its adjustability. This model can support riders wherever their expedition may take them – whether it’s on a ride outdoors, at school or while in therapy.  

EDHU20 Handcycle

EHDU20 Handcycle

The EHDU20 is our largest upright handcycle designed for riders 14 years old and up. Thanks to its adjustability, this model can take riders with diagnoses affecting the lower extremities from their teen years through to adulthood and is a great model to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of handcycling. 

Defier Handcycle

Designed for riders 10 years old and up, the Defier is our semi-recumbent handcycle. This model combines features from our EHDU Upright Handcycles and our ASR Odyssey series to create an enjoyable riding experience. This handcycle offers a stable ride without compromising performance, allowing the rider to reach higher speeds all while being visible to road traffic.  

Strae Sport Handcycle

The STRAE Sport Handcycle is a recumbent handcycle for teen and adult riders with spinal cord injuries, amputations, neurological conditions and more. Designed to create a safe, ergonomic and competitive cycling experience for riders who want to take their handcycling to the next level, STRAE Sport handcycles are built with comfort, performance and style in mind so riders can define their cycling experience.