Icons indicating adult adaptive tricycle can hold up to 300Ibs and E-assist available

Adventurer Series

We designed the Adventurer Series to cater to the needs of teens and adult riders. Offering exceptional features that have made it a crowd favorite among cycling enthusiasts. This upright adult adaptive tricycle line is available in two sizes. Making it versatile enough to accommodate riders from 14 years old through to adulthood.

The Adventurer Series is our largest bike series, supporting riders up to 300 lbs. Ultimately making it an excellent choice for heavier and taller riders who require a more robust and secure ride. Allowing them to confidently embark on their adventures while feeling safe.

Our Adventurer Series is specially designed to provide older riders with the same adjustability and built-in room for growth as our Discovery Series. Hence this adaptability ensures that riders can enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cycling for many years. As riders’ needs evolve, they can easily adapt their bike to suit their changing physical requirements. In short, the Adventurer Series is a bike for life.

AS2000 adult adaptive tricycle

Designed for riders aged 14 and up, the AS2000 is a top-of-the-line upright adult adaptive tricycle with impressive features that set it apart from other bikes in its class.

Its adjustability allows riders to customize it to suit their unique needs and preferences. Thus ensuring they can grow with it for many years. Moreover, the bike’s sturdy frame and three-wheel design provide riders with excellent stability and safety. As a result making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cycling.

AS2600 adult adaptive tricycle

The AS2600 is an upright adult adaptive tricycle and is the largest single-rider bike we make, hence providing teens and adults the opportunity to stay active as they get older. This model is designed for riders 14 years old and up, and can accommodate riders up to 300 lbs. Correspondingly our largest weight capacity in our line of adaptive tricycles.