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Give us the need, we will find the…Concept 

We are dedicated to building adaptive tricycles for all abilities to increase mobility, reach therapeutic milestones, and bring joy. Each custom tricycle we build is designed for this purpose. Our team of engineers can customize our current models to meet your requirements. However, if our current line-up of products doesn’t meet your specific needs, our team of passionate engineers can work directly with parents, riders, and therapists to design or adapt one of our current models to work for almost any situation.

Custom Tricycle Spotlight: The Regent Family

“Give us the need, we will find the concept.”

Our teams have been pushed for 30 years to create adaptive bicycles beyond standard models. We call them “Custom-Custom Bikes.” Recently, we designed a custom racing tandem, inspired by the Pease brothers, for the Regent brothers. The tandem accommodated Baptiste’s needs and was built for long distances. Similarly, our on-staff engineering team designed it from the ground up to ensure comfort and safety during their rides.

The Regent brothers from Maringues, France were inspired by the Pease brothers to dream of completing an Ironman Triathlon together. However, the tandem they were using wasn’t suitable for long distances. So they reached out to Freedom Concepts through a connection at The Kyle Pease Foundation, inquiring about a custom racing tandem.

Freedom Concepts’ on-staff engineering team subsequently designed a custom racing tandem from the ground up. The tandem not only took Thomas and Baptiste’s racing to the next level but also accommodated Baptiste’s needs. Due to a rare genetic disease, Baptiste is 80% disabled and needed a bike that would ensure safety, security, and comfort during long rides.

custom tricycle