Seating & Positioning


Rock’er Adaptive Chair

Available Chair Sizes: Small, Medium, Narrow Large, Large & Extra-Wide Large

The Rock’er adaptive chair model is an excellent choice for people of all ages and abilities. This is due to its adjustable tilt and calming rocking motion. Designed to provide overall comfort while keeping the user secure and properly positioned for maximum engagement and participation.

One of the standout features of the Rock’er is its adjustable tilt. With the help of the ottoman, the chair can be locked into the optimal tilt position, providing the ideal angle of tilt that suits the user’s needs. This feature is particularly useful for people with limited mobility or those who require additional support.

The Multi-Purpose Ottoman that comes with the Rock’er also provides supported leg elevation. So it can be beneficial for people with circulation problems or those who need to keep their legs elevated for medical reasons. Furthermore, the chair has multiple accessory options available, allowing users to customize it to their specific needs and preferences.

The Rock’er’s calming rocking motion can also be helpful for people who experience anxiety or stress. The gentle rocking motion can provide a sense of relaxation, making it easier for users to focus and engage with their surroundings.

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