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Odyssey Series Recumbent Tricycle

The Odyssey Series recumbent tricycle is a wonderful option for riders with stronger lower body abilities. Especially those who are looking for a comfortable, stable, and easy-to-use recumbent tricycle. It’s the perfect choice for riders who have mobility challenges due to conditions such as Autism, Down syndrome, or GMFCS levels 1-3.

The Odyssey Series is available in two sizes, the ASR16 and the ASR2011. As a result making it easy to find the right fit for any rider. Both sizes feature a low seat base and step-over height, making transfers onto and off the tricycle as effortless as possible. This design also ensures that riders can maintain a safe and stable ride throughout their journey.

In addition to its functional features, the Odyssey Series also provides a comfortable ride that riders will enjoy. The recumbent design provides a relaxed riding position, and the tricycle’s adjustability allows riders to customize their ride to their preferences.

ASR16 Recumbent Tricycle

For riders aged 7-16 who want to enjoy time riding with their friends and family, ASR16 is ideal. This recumbent tricycle features a highly adjustable slide seating system and a lower step-through height. Allowing for easier transfers than our other upright adaptive tricycles.

Additionally, the ASR16 provides a comfortable ride that can be easily customized to the rider’s preferences. Its adjustability ensures that it can grow with the rider, allowing them to enjoy cycling for many years to come.

ASR2011 Recumbent Tricycle

The ASR2011 is a semi-recumbent tricycle suitable for pre-teens and adults. It has a low step-through height of 15″ and a low seat base for added stability. This makes it ideal for riders with mobility challenges.

The ASR2011 is adjustable and provides riders with the fun and therapeutic benefits of cycling. Its sturdy construction and comfortable ride make it an excellent choice for experiencing the freedom of cycling.

ASR2011 Recumbent Tricycle

The ASR2011-HD is a semi-recumbent tricycle based on our ASR2011 for pre-teens and adults that need more weight support. It keeps the low step-through height of 15″ and the low seat base for added stability. This makes it ideal for riders with mobility challenges.

Equipped with our heavy-duty wheels and frame this bike can hold up to 430 lbs.!