Everett’s Freedom

Everett's Freedom, A Race With a Twin Four-year-old Everett Doming raced his twin brother down their driveway on his Freedom Concepts bike for the first time, leaving his mom Danielle Doming in happy tears. “It was cool because it allowed for that connection that I feel like sometimes is difficult having a twin disabled and a twin that isn't, but they were able to find common ground and you could tell they were so happy about it,” said Danielle. Everett has Cerebral Palsy and a visual impairment; he uses a wheelchair and walker for his mobility as he does

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Austin’s Freedom

Thanks to Help Hope Live, Austin received a Freedom Concepts Bike at this year’s LA Abilities Expo. “To see him building this confidence, it brings a lot of hope and just so much joy,” said his mom Jessica. She describes 4-year-old Austin, who has Cerebral Palsy, as “amazing, strong, intelligent and motivated.” “He is a young boy who is excited to learn and to reach big milestones that you never knew were possible with a child with his disability,” she said. With his bike in Help Hope Live teal, Austin can often be seen riding down his street with

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Ava’s Freedom

This Spring Ava, whose mom describes her as “happy, smart, gorgeous, spicy and full of life,” rode her DCP12 mobility bike Christmas present for the first time. “It was amazing to be able to have that under the Christmas tree,” said Ava’s mom Tiffany. “We were going through a really rough time, so to be able to give her something like that, of that magnitude, it meant a lot to me.” 4-year-old Ava has Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2 genetic mutations in the GABBR2 and TCF20 genes, nerve damage in both legs, epilepsy, hypotonia and muscle tone issues making her

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Introducing the Improved AS2000 and AS2600

Introducing the latest innovation, the improved AS2000 and AS2600 upright adaptive tricycle models. These really take our product to the next level. We aimed to enhance our tricycles by providing a 10-degree seat tilt that offers better head and trunk support. Similarly, the new tilt is especially beneficial for those who require extra postural support due to physical conditions or disabilities. Finally, maintaining the pass-through clearance and stability was critical, and all the new models still provide these features. Our popular Adventurer series has been completely re-engineered to provide greater postural stability and improved trunk positioning. These new features

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Charlie’s Freedom

Charlie Berghoffer Charlie Berghoffer is a 12-year-old boy who is described as always looking dapper, an old soul and a fun kid. “He loves the adult interaction more than the younger. I think he likes to learn from them,” said his father, Charles. Charlie loves to laugh and have fun with his sister. “He’s trying to be a normal kid as much as he can as far as his ability to do things,” said his mother, Page. Charlie has hemiplegia cerebral palsy which means spasticity only affects half of his body. For Charlie, his right side is weaker than

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Remi and Everett’s Freedom

Samantha Govitz describes her three-and-a-half-year-old sons, Remi and Everett, as polar opposites. Remi and Everett have cerebral palsy. Because of this, they’re not able to sit, stand or walk unsupported. “Everett is the quiet, observant, take it all in kind of guy,” said Samantha. “While Remi is a social butterfly and is kind of mischievous. He always wants to take off on his own.” They love going for walks in their neighborhood, enjoying the community splash pad with their wheelchairs or gait trainers and riding their Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle. “Of course, these activities look a little different than

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