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Get the most out of your Freedom Concepts product. 

Our how-to videos can help you adjust and fine-tune your Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle to the exact specification and requirements of the rider.  


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Freedom Concepts & Our Products

Rolling into Freedom

The Freedom of Mobility

Discovery Series Bikes

Measuring an Inseam

Bike Presentation – Jace Loewen

Bike Build Process – Charlies’ Bike

Setting Up Your Bike

Unboxing and Setup on Discovery Bikes

Locating Serial Numbers


Abductor Leg Brace

Mounting Abduction Positioning Wedge 

Mounting Safety Flag

Special Features

Tilt Fork Adjustment 

Gear Shifting

On/Off Pin Reciprocator Adjustment

Seating and Headrests

Adjustable/Removable Headrest

Seat Height Adjustment 

Slide Seating Adjustment 

Tilt Seating Adjustment 

Straps, Harnesses and Foot Plates

Chest Belt and Harness Adjustment 

Ratchet Footplates 

Neoprene Footplate Strap Adjustment 

Neoprene Footplate Adjustment 

Neoprene to Rigid Footplate 

Rigid Footplate Adjustment

Pulley Tension Adjustment 


Handlebar Adjustment 

Locking and Unlocking Steering

Moving Handlebars with Pulley Attached 

Rear Steering

Cable Steering Adjustment 

Rear Steering Adjustment (Tie Rod Style)

Tune-Ups, Maintenance & Bike Care


Caliper Brake Adjustment 

Hand Brake Tension Adjustment 

Locking Hand Brakes 

V Brake Adjustment 

Rear Steering

Cable Steering Adjustment 

Rear Steer Adjustment (Tie Rod Style) 

Footplate Replacement

Replacing Neoprene Footplates 


Foam Grips on Handlebars