Selecting the Right Product

Making the decision to purchase an adaptive bike is exciting and our team wants to ensure that the rider matches the correct product to meet their needs. Whether you are looking for a tricycle for yourself or making the purchase decision for someone else, considering the following questions will help aid in the buying process and will help to identify the Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycle model, accessories and customizations that will work best. This information helps our team design, assemble and deliver an adaptive tricycle that will make riding safe and comfortable while allowing riders to experience the therapeutic benefits and the joy of riding an adaptive tricycle.  

Adaptive Bike Rider Information

  • Has the rider ever ridden an adaptive tricycle? What was the model? 
  • How old is the rider? 
  • What is the rider’s height? 
  • What is the rider’s weight? 
  • What is the rider’s diagnosis? How does the diagnosis affect them? 
  • What is the rider’s inseam? Click here to learn how to measure inseam. 
  • Is the rider expected to continue growing?  
  • How is the rider’s trunk and head control? 
  • How is the rider’s lower body control and strength? 
  • Would the rider be able to transfer onto the bike independently? 
  • Would the rider be able to pedal independently, or would they be mostly riding passively? 
special needs bike

Determine the Riding Environment

  • Where will the rider be riding the tricycle? At school? In the neighborhood? Bike trails? 
    • If the rider will be riding indoors, what is the width of doorways they will need to ride through? 
  • Where will the tricycle be stored? 
  • Will the tricycle need to be transported to multiple locations? 

Other Information to Consider

  • Will you need to source funding for the tricycle? 

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