Psture2Go positioning cushion set

Posture2Go positioning cushions -COMING SOON
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Posture care when you need it most!

Posture2Go Positioning Cushions cater to individuals with targeted positioning needs, starting from the age of 2 years and extending to adults. These cushions are a practical solution for ensuring comfort and aid in repositioning, both at home and while on the go.

There are six unique cushion shapes available, consequently providing great versatility to the users. This versatility allows the cushions to be used in various ways to meet the specific needs of the individual. Whether it be for support, stability, or pressure relief, Posture2Go Positioning Cushions are designed to help users achieve their desired positioning.

The cushions are easy to use and can be placed on chairs, wheelchairs, or any other seating surface. Additionally the lightweight and compact design of these cushions makes them highly portable, allowing users to take them wherever they go.

One of the significant benefits of Posture2Go Positioning Cushions is the targeted positioning care they offer. The cushions help to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, improve circulation, and promote better posture. These benefits, in turn, can enhance the overall quality of life for the user.