Funding For Adaptive Bikes & Seating

The path to insurance funding for adaptive bikes is a challenging one, but persistence and preparation are your best tools to navigate this path. Many insurance providers in the United States are becoming more aware of adaptive mobility devices and alternative seating, but at the same time, the standards to clear for approval are evolving. Parents must be armed with an impeccable medical package to submit if they hope for approval.

Happy kid who found funding for adaptive bikes

There are four main ways to try to obtain funding for adaptive bikes.

1. Insurance Coverage & Government Funding:

Understanding and navigating your coverage can be challenging, but persistence and preparation are your best tools to navigate this path. Typically, this type of funding does not cover the cost of adaptive equipment. However, there are situations where adaptive equipment can be medically justified by a healthcare provider and ultimately get funding approved. There are some providers that do cover adaptive mobility devices and alternative seating. However, coverage and policies are ever-changing. The more premium of a plan, the better chance there is to receive coverage for equipment. 

2. Local Charities and other Funding Agencies:

Freedom Concepts works closely with many foundations, community groups and charities that may be willing to help fund or partially fund mobility equipment. If insurance coverage isn’t an option, Freedom Concepts’ team may be able to help connect you with the right funding agency in your area. 

3. Freedom Concepts Dream Bike Program

Freedom Concepts Dream Bike Program connects businesses to not-for-profit organizations to help fund adaptive bikes for children.  Using this program, parents could reach out to local businesses within their area to seek funding.  

4. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding can be a way to fundraise for an adaptive bike. Organizations such as Help Hope Live support community-based fundraising for people with unmet medical expenses and related costs.

Since 1983, Help Hope Live has helped thousands of people raise millions of dollars to pay a wide range of expenses, including costs for Freedom Concepts adaptive bikes.