Creating a Cycle of Mobility 

All Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycles are designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun and freedom! With the use of our accessories, Freedom Concepts adaptive tricycles can be customized and adjusted to the exact specifications and requirements unique to each rider. This ensures that each adaptive tricycle is a perfect fit, customized to help create an enjoyable riding experience for each rider.  

Available Accessories

Chest Harness

The 4-point butterfly design enables riders to maintain an upright body position, allowing them to focus their attention on the bike. The chest harness can be added to a high-back style seat for complete trunk support. Made of stretchable and washable Neoprene.
• Helps support those with torso weakness and spinal deformities, as well as riders with respiratory weakness and upper extremity muscle disorders

Rear Steer Handle

Our trademarked Rear Steer™ allows the caregiver to steer or brake from the back of the adaptive bike. Once the rider becomes more comfortable with reciprocal movement, an adjustment can be made allowing the rider to control or assist with the navigation of the bike.
• Assists in increase of self pedaling
• Increases motivation
• Increases safety
• Supports behavior management
• Assists in vision perception
• Assists in orientation

Adjustable Tilt Fork

With the addition of our Adjustable Tilt Fork, therapists and caregivers can easily adjust the bike’s front fork – adding or reducing the amount of tilt – helping to improve the rider’s overall comfort and positioning without affecting the relative position of the cranks and seat. The easily and highly adjustable fork provides 6” of adjustment range, translating to a variable 10° tilt.

Seating Set Up

Contoured seating, covered with a sticky vinyl, is available in child, adult, and custom widths, with low (7.5”) or high (18”) seat backing. Seat heights are adjustable. Custom modifications and seat personalization available.
• Aids in pelvic stability
• Assists in trunk balance without losing trunk mobility
• Adds comfort for riders


Seat backs can accommodate custom mounts for lateral extensions to provide additional trunk support.
• Aids in trunk stability

Occiput Headrest

The removable/adjustable head rest extends the seat backing height an additional 7” and can be removed for ease of transport. Custom heights available. Available with Adjustable Velcro OcciputSupport Cushion.
• Provides head and neck support

On/Off Pin Reciprocator

Manually turn the reciprocator on to allow for Direct Drive (when the bike is in motion, the feet are also in motion). Turn the reciprocator off to engage Free Wheel (allows legs to rest while bike coasts forward).

Pulley String

The toe pulley string system keeps footplates flat if the rider cannot maintain ankle/foot control.
• Assists completion of cycle of revolution
• Decreases plantar flexion for ease of pedaling

Rear Platform

Made of ABS Plastic on the DCP Mini and steel on all other models. The removable Rear Platform acts as a solid base for any storage container.

Leg Brace

The brace set includes Molded ABS Footplates.
• Assists in proper leg alignment
• Decreases plantar flexion
• Aids in abduction

Neoprene Adjustable Footplate

Our Neoprene boot style footplate isa quick and easy way to maintain proper positioning and pedal pressure. Easy to
adjust Velcro strapping, along with grooved slots on the footplate, allow for fine-tune adjustments to properly match
the individual’s hip to feet ratio.

Molded ABS Footplate w/

Ratchet Straps

These specially designed footplates provide precise positioning for children with more spasticity to minimize twisting and maximize pedaling ability.
• Assists in leg alignment
• Aids in neutral hip/knee flexion to strengthen push-down for those riders who require more firm and adjustable support to keep their feet on the pedals

Hoop Handlebars

Either option makes for easier positioning for spastic riders. Handlebars can be tilted closer to the body, and gripped from three locations: top, side or bottom. The hoop can also be fully enclosed.

Velcro Hand-Eye Coordination Gloves

Velcro gloves are ideal for those with low spasticity control to help maintain a firm grasp on the handlebar. The flexible and breathable material with a small extension allows the caregiver to attach the rider’s hand to the device using a Velcro loop.
• Aids in gross grasp
• Assists in upper extremity propping

Spoke Covers

Spoke Covers are available in a set of three to protect those curious little fingers.

Enclosed Chainguard

Our Enclosed Chainguard protects fingers and other objects from being caught in the bike’s chain. Great for multi-use facilities and young riders.