ET2611 – Tandem BicycleIcons indicating suitable for all ages and genders, and E-assist option is avaiable

Age Range: 7+ | Inseam Range: 18” – 28” | Weight Range: 400 lbs (combined)

The ET2611 is our adaptive tandem bicycle that is built for two. Great for riders aged 7 and up, this bike allows a parent or friend to propel and control the bike from the back position, additionally being able to easily supervise the front rider. Meanwhile, the front rider gets to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of riding. 

 Our Tandem is also available with a “Passenger Setup”, replacing the front riders pedals with stationary footplates.

Features & Benefits

  • Tandem Bicycles in Candy Blue or Hot Rod Purple standard color options. (Additional upgraded color options are available)
  • 26” street pneumatic “air-filled” tires – Great for indoor or outdoor riding. 
  • Independently adjustable hoop handlebars with telescopic posts. 
  • Adjustable seat with greater inseam range moves up and down as well as forwards and backward. Which accommodates multiple riders. 
  • Regular bike seat in the back position, with the option of upgrading to a taller post to fit an increased inseam. 
  • Nexus 8-speed shifter with low gears to help climb hills and middle to high gears for comfortable cruising. 
  • Control of REC Drive for front rider. Control the pedal speed on-the-fly with a flick of a switch – Features easy, average and neural.
  • Standard mirror allows the rear rider to always have a visible sight line of the front rider.  
  • Optionally add an electric assist. This motor can be enabled at any time, giving the rider a little extra help riding up hills or alternatively allowing for a period of rest during longer rides.
  • Supportive Child Low-Back seating system with multiple options to add High-Back seating, lateral supports, harnesses or head supports. 
  • Standard Mountain Pedals with Toe Cage with additional available upgraded footplate options. 
  • Standard bike essentials including safety flag, wheel reflectors, bell, and multi-tool. 
  • Multiple accessory options to similarly customize the bike to the rider’s needs.  

Featured Videos

Tyler’s Freedom

16 year-old Tyler Powderly loves going fast. According to his mom Caitlin, he’s a little bit of a daredevil. “We went to Disney in February, and the first ride he wanted to do was Tower of Terror,” Caitlin said. “He has some kind of daredevil gene.” Tyler loves how fast he goes when he’s riding his ET2611 Tandem bicycle. “The smile on his face is just huge,” Caitlin said. “He tells me all the time, ‘Go fast, go fast.’” Tyler also loves making people laugh. “He’s hilarious,” Caitlin said. “Telling whatever types of jokes he can to get people to laugh is his priority in the day.”

Mother and Son on a Tandem Bicycle