Age Range: 7-14 years old | Inseam Range: 19” – 26” | Weight Limit: 150 lbs

This bike is made with room to grow and accommodates most riders between the ages of 7-14. The DCP16 helps riders build their confidence and independence – all while helping them achieve their therapeutic goals.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits through standard doorways with a width of 29”. 
  • Quick release mechanisms on most adjustable parts to fit the bike to the rider’s exact size. 
  • Candy Blue or Hot Rod Purple standard color options with many other upgraded color options available.  
  • 16″ smooth solid puncture-proof tires – Great for indoor or outdoor riding.  
  • Independently adjustable hoop handlebars with telescopic posts. 
  • Locked or unlocked handlebar positioning to limit or control the rider’s ability to steer the bike.  
  • Direct drive gearing with easy pedal power to encourage reciprocal motion of the legs. 
  • Standard mountain footplates with additional available upgraded footplate options.  
  • Multiple options available for brake positioning and an option to add a secondary brake. 
  • Standard chainguard to protect fingers from the bike’s chain. 
  • Supportive Child Low-Back seating system with multiple options to add High-Back seating, lateral supports, adjustable tilt fork, harnesses or head supports. 
  • Standard bike essentials including safety flag, wheel reflectors, animal squeaky horn or bell and multi-tool. 
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the bike to the rider’s needs.  

Featured Videos

Remi and Nico’s Freedom

When asked about his daughters’ personalities, Patrick Powell describes Remi, 9, and Nico, 7, as fire and ice.

“Remi has a real fiery personality,” Patrick said. “If she wants something, she’s going to be very vocal. If something’s wrong, she’s going to tell you.”

Patrick said she’s also very loving.

“She still expects me to carry her around, even at nine years old. She lays on me and wants to cuddle and she can be the most loving kid ever,” Patrick said. “She’s such a sweetheart.”

Nico, on the other hand, is more laid-back. Patrick said if he sits her on the couch, gives her some water, and turns on some music, she’ll sit there for hours.