This Spring Ava, whose mom describes her as “happy, smart, gorgeous, spicy and full of life,” rode her DCP12 mobility bike Christmas present for the first time.

“It was amazing to be able to have that under the Christmas tree,” said Ava’s mom Tiffany. “We were going through a really rough time, so to be able to give her something like that, of that magnitude, it meant a lot to me.”

4-year-old Ava has Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2 genetic mutations in the GABBR2 and TCF20 genes, nerve damage in both legs, epilepsy, hypotonia and muscle tone issues making her unable to walk or speak. However, this hasn’t stopped her from enjoying riding her mobility bike in school and at home.

“Her gym teacher told me she started to pedal on her own at school,” Tiffany said. “My daughter very much likes to move a lot, but when she was on the bike, she was very calm. She seemed to really enjoy it and definitely was happy.”

Ava’s DCP12, which was donated to her by the Patrick’s Pals foundation, has rear steering added so Tiffany can help her along on her bike rides.

“You want your kid to grow and learn and do new things. And just seeing her doing new things, it gives me hope that one day she’ll walk,” she said.

Tiffany said they were really excited to try her mobility bike outside in the Spring. She enjoyed it so much they now have plans to use it as much as they can before next Winter.

“Ava was having so much fun, it was a great milestone,” she said. “It’s kind of indescribable. Those moments you don’t think she’ll ever be able to really do something and then you see her doing it. It’s like ‘wow,’ it kind of puts things into perspective for me.”

Tiffany said the mobility bike has given them the ability to be outdoors and get around their neighborhood more. Something that they hadn’t had a chance to do in a while.

When Ava isn’t riding her bike, she can often be found watching Hickory Dickory Dock with juice and a blanket in her Rock’er Chill-Out Chair.

“She’ll laugh and she’ll giggle and she seems to really love it,” said Tiffany.

She added that the chair isn’t only great for Ava, but great for her as a single mom.

“It’s nice to be able to put her somewhere that’s comfortable and not have to worry about her falling.” She said, “It’s a nice spot for her that is safe.”

Ava and her Chill-Out Chair mostly hang out in their living room with Tiffany. Who said she loves the look of it because it fits in the room and doesn’t look medical, but rather like an “adorable recliner.”

“It’s nice to have a comfortable spot where she could just relax and chill out.” Said Tiffany, “the name of it totally makes sense.”

She says that she doesn’t like to have Ava in other activity chairs or wheelchairs for too long because she can find them really uncomfortable. She is happy to have a safe, comfortable seating alternative.

“Thank you for creating these. They’re really helpful to these kids and they might not be able to express it, but they appreciate it for sure. I know Ava does.”

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Ava on her mobility bike

Ava on her DCP12.

Ava's mobility bike