Thanks to Help Hope Live, Austin received a Freedom Concepts Bike at this year’s LA Abilities Expo.

“To see him building this confidence, it brings a lot of hope and just so much joy,” said his mom Jessica.

She describes 4-year-old Austin, who has Cerebral Palsy, as “amazing, strong, intelligent and motivated.”

“He is a young boy who is excited to learn and to reach big milestones that you never knew were possible with a child with his disability,” she said.

With his bike in Help Hope Live teal, Austin can often be seen riding down his street with his twin sister.

“I’m sure you think about your childhood and riding your bikes with your friends and your family. If it weren’t for companies like Freedom Concepts, then that wouldn’t be possible for our family,” she said.

Jessica added that Austin is really proud of himself when he is riding his bike, saying that he often asks to go for a ride with his sister.

“We do try and use it once a week during therapy and we use it at home,” said Jessica.

Jessica said they use the bike at both places because it is an exercise Austin enjoys and will specifically ask to do.

Austin was on his bike for almost 2 miles in a week, an activity that Jessica believes will help with the spasticity in his legs.

Austin’s bike has rear steer so Jessica can push him along from behind.

“The rear steering is amazing if you can’t quite yet independently pedal. For us to be able to push him and still keep that movement in his legs, I think it’s going to be a game changer here for his strength and just loosening his body,” said Jessica.

She added that the bike’s rear steering is helping to beat Austin’s spasticity because she can help push him along even when he is feeling too tired to try and pedal.

“It makes my life a lot easier and less stressful knowing that I’m still helping him when he’s not feeling as confident in his own body,” she said, “I’m thankful to be able to provide that alternate solution of biking for him when he’s needing a little bit more support.”

Jessica said Austin is happy to be able to participate in an activity that he sees other kids doing.

“It’s something that he loves to do and to be able to get out, not just be in his wheelchair, I think is truly not only beneficial for his physical wellbeing but his mental wellbeing as well,” she said.

Jessica said she is thankful for companies like Help Hope Live and Freedom Concepts because they care about people living with disabilities like her son.

“Knowing that there’s people who take their time and their energy and are really trying to change the lives of others like this, it means everything to me,” she said.

The topic of bikes had been a sore subject in the past for Austin’s family as he couldn’t participate on an average bike. His new adaptive bike lets him join the family and be a kid just like everyone deserves.

“Literally every single day I cried over that kid, not necessarily sad tears, just like happy, inspiring, thankful, hopeful for what the future holds,” said Jessica, “It’s truly inspiring to just know that even when you guys are based in another country, you were able to help my kid.”

Austin loves the bell on his bike, when he first received it, he rang the bell again and again riding down the aisles of the Abilities Expo.

“As soon as he got it he was ringing the bell telling the world he was coming through.”

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Amy with Spinal Bifida, riding her bike
Amy with Spinal Bifida, riding her bike