Age Range: 10+ | Arm Length: 16”- 32” | Inseam Range: 19” – 34” | Weight Range: 225 lbs

Designed for riders 10 years old and up, the Defier is our semi-recumbent handcycle. This model combines features from our EHDU Upright Handcycles and our ASR Odyssey series to create an enjoyable riding experience. This handcycle offers a stable ride without compromising performance, allowing the rider to reach higher speeds all while being visible to road traffic.

Features & Benefits

  • Low transfer height of 16” makes for easy transfers. 
  • Quick release mechanisms on most adjustable parts to fit the bike to the rider’s exact size. 
  • Candy Blue or Hot Rod Purple standard color options with many other upgraded color options available.  
  • 20” smooth air-filled pneumatic tires – Great for outdoor riding. 
  • Comes standard with hand propulsion.
  • Option to add foot propulsion pedals, making the bike configured into a 2-in-1 bike. This allows it to be propelled with a combination of hand and foot pedals.
  • Adjustable steering column to align with individual’s arm length.  
  • 5-speed coaster brake with reverse to help navigate out of thigh spots or corners. Option to add direct drive for models with foot propulsion.
  • Bar end grip pedals allow riders to easily grip the hand pedals.  
  • Standard chainguard to provide protection from the chain.
  • Coaster brake comes standard with the option to add a second brake if desired. 
  • Supportive High Back seating system with multiple options to add abductor, harnesses or head supports. 
  • Standard bike essentials including safety flag, wheel reflectors, bell and multi-tool. 
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the bike to the rider’s needs.  

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