Age Range: 14+ | Arm Length: 19”-27” Inseam Range: 16”-34” | Maximum Weight: 250 lbs

The STRAE Sport Handcycle is a recumbent handcycle for teen and adult riders with spinal cord injuries, amputations, neurological conditions and more. Designed to create a safe, ergonomic and competitive cycling experience for riders who want to take their handcycling to the next level, STRAE Sport handcycles are built with comfort, performance and style in mind so riders can define their cycling experience.  

Features & Benefits

  • Chromoly frame and fork. 
  • 700c wheel size with 2 tire width options – 1” (racing) and 1.5” (touring). 
  • Hand propulsion and 1×12 drive train.  
  • T-grip hand pedals offer ergonomic hand positioning for the rider.   
  • Ankle and calf support strap to comfortably support the legs. 
  • 15” seat width with removable Triptex cushion cover.  
  • Hydraulic disc front brake and alloy caliper transfer brake.  
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the bike to the rider’s needs.