Thank you to Chase’s Educational Assistant Teresa for taking the time to write and share this testimonial!

Melanie describes her 14-year-old son as a child who enjoys going for walks and car rides, riding his bike, swimming, and eating!

Chase has Lennox-Gastaunt syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. Affected children experience several different types of seizures, most commonly atonic, tonic and atypical absence seizures, which cause increased muscle tone and muscle stiffness, as well as sustained muscle contractions. These muscle contractions cause mild abnormalities such as a slight bend of the body. They can also cause more significant problems such as muscle spasms of the face, along with flexion or extension of the arms and legs.

In grade 6, Chase learned to ride an adaptive bike which was on loan to his school from an occupational therapist. Chase and his Educational Assistant signed up for the Elks & Royal Purple Walk for Children in Breton, Alberta. Chase received his first adult tricycle which gave him the gift of mobility.

Chase’s mobility has now decreased, which means he needed a more specialized bike. Through the help of an awesome school support team, support from parents, and Jordan’s Principle, Chase has now received his new ET2611 Tandem adaptive bike with electric assist motor! Chase and his family will donate his adult tricycle to another family in need.

Chase does physical therapy, aquatic therapy, and occupational therapy through the aid of his Educational Assistant.

Melanie said Chase’s adaptive bike has been another great source of physical therapy for him.

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