Conlan’s Freedom Concepts bike, gifted from The McLindon Family Foundation, is not just a bike for my son. It has such a deeper meaning! This bike defines ability – letting Conlan be independent and giving him pride! It is inclusion at its best. For the first time ever, at the age of 7 years old, he rode a bike with his sister. He also got to hang out with the neighborhood children his age, and for once the view of the child in the wheelchair vanished and they were all so focused on Conlan’s awesome new bike! Conlan was all smiles.

For Mom, it means using those hips again!! Hidden therapy at its finest, including working on stretching those hamstrings, getting those hips in motion, strengthening his core muscles, head control, hand coordination and even helped with keeping his hands out of his mouth and worked on grasping the handlebars – an ability he lost during his regression.

Inclusion, therapy, a new found independence, finally allowing siblings to take part in typical sibling activities… these are all miracles we never take for granted and without the Freedom Concepts bike and The McLindon Family Foundation, Conlan would never have experienced such pure happiness!

Thank you so much,

Chryssy – Mother of Super Conlan

Chryssy - Mother of Super Conlan
Conlan with Sister - Riding his DCP16
Conlan on DCP16