Thank you to Jocelyn’s mother Angie for taking the time to write this testimonial!

“Jocelyn Powers is an awesome 11 year-old living on the Fort Campbell, KY military post with her parents, Justin and Angie Powers, and her sweet labradoodle, Yaya.

Jocelyn was born 3 months prematurely and suffered significant bleeding in the brain which caused her to have a condition called spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This condition is a neurological disorder that affects all the muscles in her body, and as a result, she requires assistance with all aspects of daily life.

Over the years, as a family, we’ve adapted to the surprises that can come with having a more severe form of cerebral palsy. We’ve needed special shoes to keep feet aligned and functioning, and standers to improve posture, prevent contractions and facilitate bodily systems. We’ve required the use of unique shower chairs and certainly the use of a specialized wheelchair for all positioning and locomotion needs.

Because of the physical limitations, Jocelyn always takes tremendous pleasure in things that help her experience life. She adores going for runs in her jogging stroller, being pushed high and fast on adaptive swings, swimming, rough housing that ends in legendary tickle fights and now, she basks in the glorious fun of riding on the Freedom Concepts ET2611 Tandem adaptive tricycle with us, her parents.

This specialized tricycle is providing an exhilarating blast of fresh air to Jocelyn’s face and body while improving her range of motion, strength and endurance. Along with her reaping the benefit of outdoor exercise, it also gives her excitement, freedom and normalcy. Because of how this tricycle is designed, she is blessed with a chance to experience something new, different and enjoyable with someone else too. And as if that’s not enough, this tandem tricycle also fulfills her desired “need for speed” while ensuring she’s fully supported and safe.

If we were to assign a word to Jocelyn, it would be JOY as it’s the epitome of who Jocelyn is! Joy can easily be viewed as one the most magnetic forces in the universe, and when in the presence of Jocelyn, this is her superpower that she shares freely. Even without being able to speak, Jocelyn teaches all those around her how to embrace every moment and fully soak in the goodness. And now, when riding this Freedom Concepts Tandem tricycle, she continues to do just that by radiating her pure awe-inspiring joy from ear-to-ear while burning rubber like a pro!

With grateful hearts, we thank the generous donors of the American Mobility Project for providing this gift to us. And to the entire Freedom Concepts Crew, thank you for believing in people and in families like ours. Your organization allows families that live differently to do so to their fullest extent through the use of adaptive equipment. Bless you all!”

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