Tyler’s Freedom

16 year-old Tyler Powderly loves going fast. According to his mom Caitlin, he’s a little bit of a daredevil. “We went to Disney in February, and the first ride he wanted to do was Tower of Terror,” Caitlin said. “He has some kind of daredevil gene.” Tyler loves how fast he goes when he’s riding his ET2611 Tandem adaptive bike. “The smile on his face is just huge,” Caitlin said. “He tells me all the time, ‘Go fast, go fast.’” Tyler also loves making people laugh. “He’s hilarious,” Caitlin said. “Telling whatever types of jokes he can to get

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Jocelyn’s Freedom

Thank you to Jocelyn's mother Angie for taking the time to write this testimonial! “Jocelyn Powers is an awesome 11 year-old living on the Fort Campbell, KY military post with her parents, Justin and Angie Powers, and her sweet labradoodle, Yaya. Jocelyn was born 3 months prematurely and suffered significant bleeding in the brain which caused her to have a condition called spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This condition is a neurological disorder that affects all the muscles in her body, and as a result, she requires assistance with all aspects of daily life. Over the years, as a family,

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Lainey’s Freedom

23-year-old Lainey Carroll loves music. She knows every song by The Beatles (her favorite one is “Help”), and she has been in a live singing group for 10 years. Close behind her love of music is her love for her Freedom Concepts adaptive bike. Lainey rides her bike nearly every day with her mom and dad along a river near their house, which is almost a mile roundtrip. “When it’s cold and wet outside she does indoor cycling, but when it’s a beautiful day out, all she wants to do is go out and ride her bike,” her dad

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Tai Ann’s Freedom

Despite having approximately 30 surgeries in her 16 years, including bilateral hip surgery, bilateral distal femoral surgery, and two heart surgeries, Tai Ann Wright is upbeat, forgiving, level-headed and optimistic. “The glass is always half full for her,” Tai Ann’s mother Valerie said. “I said to her once ‘My goodness Tai, I’ve seen adults who don’t handle things the way you handle them, is it because you don’t care?’ and she said ‘No I do care, there are just other things to worry about. I’ll be fine.’.” Tai Ann has a rare bone, joint and muscle condition called POLR1A

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Winfred’s Freedom

Nine-year-old Winfred Jordan is loving, sociable, and enjoys learning, being around other people and watching YouTube videos. Winfred has an unbalanced chromosome translocation, which means that one of his chromosomes chipped and attached to another that it wasn’t supposed to attach to. This resulted in delayed development and difficulties with fine motor skills, including no strength in his fingers and little control in space. Winfred is also non-verbal due to his secondary diagnosis of apraxia of speech. “He really tries to be involved in everything despite his challenges,” his mom Dorothy Spann said. “He loves to learn, and he

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Ayden’s Freedom

When Ayden Love grew out of the push tricycle he used as a toddler, his mother Anita Ellington said that riding a bike was no longer feasible for him. Ayden, now 7, has osteogenesis imperfecta type 5, a subtype of brittle bone disease. Although he can walk and bear weight, simple trips or falls can break or fracture bones. “Imagine having a child, and never letting them fall down, and every time they fall down something breaks,” Anita said. “It’s very akin to a geriatric patient when you’re always feeling like ‘I can’t let them fall down.’” Ayden broke

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